If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. Time to hand in your man card?

Just got off the phone with an old friend from university who is pricing out a Minivan. Well, his dad gets 30% off of all new Citroens through his hunting club (don’t ask, I dunno why). At 30% off, you don’t ask, so a Citroen it is! The C5 Tourer would be his dream choice, but they are priced higher.

They had a bit of rough luck with a used Fiesta once, so I can understand that they prefer new or CPO. This is supposed to replace a MK IV Golf that is slowly dying.

They have a toddler and their other car is a new-ish Fabia Combi with which they CAN actually move all the stuff those mini-humans need. They came by this summer, and that car was FULL. As in, they had used All of the interiour space completely.


Oh, and his wife insists that it be a manual! (She got rear ended in an automatic while pressing the “clutch”.)

OK. He is buying a vehicle of a class that many car afficionados despise, With a diesel engine and a manual gearbox. I just can’t find anything to scold him for.

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