Yesterday I installed some spark plugs in my friend's 2003 Civic with a D17. They old ones were, of course, drenched in oil. My friend said a mechanic had recommended replacing them but had wanted some insane amount of money for doing it (something like $20/plug just for parts). He had also replaced the valve cover gasket.

Why this yahoo didn't also replace the spark plug tube seals, or at least try to sell my friend that job is completely incomprehensible. Apparently he pulled out one spark plug to diagnose the rest. How did he not see the oil?

Anyway, now I'm going to be replacing the tube seals. But the Felpro kit comes with 8 seals. Is this like the older Honda engines, in which I'll need to remove the rocker arms first to put in some lower seals, or do these other four go somewhere else? Interwebs won't give me a straight answer.

When I did the job on my '90 Accord, I had to pull the rocker arms. But when I did it on an '02 Ford Zetec, there were no lower seals, and it was just the top ones.

Help is appreciated. Ridicule and berating is also appreciated.