If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


So I started watching The Rookie, only because Nathan Fillion. My wife and I loved Castle, and I think he is really good on TV in a subtle comedy role. The show is pretty good so far, and once again I think Fillion is good in the role. Not sure it will make it past one season, but good enough.

Quick synopsis - Fillion and two others are rookie cops in LA and he is dating the much younger female rookie cop. That is all you need.


Episode 4 they are staking out a drug bust in a parking lot, and the setup says the suspect will arrive in a red Honda Civic with Nevada plates. Then this car rolls into frame and the chase begins.

THAT IS NOT A HONDA CIVIC (this is the only screen grab I can find, obviously after the chase has begun). There is nothing else in the episode that hinges on this being a Civic instead of an Accord. So why, once they clearly had an Accord for the shot, didn’t they just update to script? They say red Honda Civic about 6 times. That isn’t a lot of updating. Someone on the set HAD to know this was an Accord, right?

OK, I won’t stop watching the show over it. But it is clearly bothering me enough that after watching it last night I’m spending time this morning writing about it.


How annoyed would you be?

What other minor car mistakes in movies or TV get to you?

(OK, if someone can show me that this model is called a Civic in another market I’ll be impressed and slightly less annoyed.)

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