(tied) 7. EK.

It’s pretty much impossible after the F&F era to find an unmolested EK Si, the car may not have been bad, but the image ruined it.

(tied) 7. EM.

Rice, anyone? Pretty much the same as the EK, not horrible as a car, but as RCR said about the Mustang, the image is pretty much inescapable.


6. FG2.

Not a bad car by any means, too new for ricers to do anything to it, and too old to be expensive. Although it was far from being the best looker (in coupe form), it was overall pretty decent.


5. FB6

Fuck it, I like it. There are better options, but it’s good bang for your buck.

4. EG.


Classic 90s Japanese looks, sure, a bit boring, and most were riced out. But it was truly the last of the classic Civic Si era.

3. EF.


Boxy, light, cheap, what’s not to like?

2. AG/whatever


Something about the first Civic Si is just, right.

1. EP3.


If you don’t like the EP3 Civic Si, I’m going to assume you’re some sort of fun hating alien.

Just look at the interior!