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Civic TypeR Review...

The moment it was announced I wanted to drive one. In the summer of 2019 I finally got the chance to by another one of DFW’s awesome car community members. It was part of a string of reviews I did over the summer, and with my real job taking up most of my free time it took me a while to get this video ready for release. (I still got a GT350, OG NSX and an E60 with a 6 speed in the que after that).

My Grand Marquis bit the dust shortly after I filmed this video. And I thought long and hard. I was very impressed with it and since it had 4 doors and returns good fuel economy it was a definite consideration. But since the wife does not enjoy driving a manual I had to go with something else entirely. Still, it is a car that will be on the list. Probably as one of the best front wheel drive cars I have ever driven.


Anyone else drive one? What is your take on it?

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