Civic wheels and tires are ready to go on the car (finally)

Finally pulled the trigger and bought some General Grabber LT tires in 185/60R15. Not quite what I wanted, but they have decent looking tread and sidewalls. Had them shipped to the Pep Boys near work so I could get that sweet TireBuyer free shipping. I should have known...

Turns out Pep Boys (or at least this one) was new to the whole TireBuyer thing. Though the tires arrived on Wednesday, they never called me about it. So I go in this morning (Friday) with the wheels in the rear of the Landy, figuring I can drop off the wheels and they can call me when they’re ready.


This did not go well.

NOTE: Before I lay into these people, I’d like to say they were nice and seemed to be trying, but either didn’t know what to do, couldn’t do what they needed to do, or both. Mostly both. I genuinely don’t blame them for this, I blame their manager(s) for not training them properly on a seemingly incomprehensible computer system.


Apparently they had [insert important person here] “call in” so it meant one inept guy running the computer and he had an inept assistant. Together they made about 0.75 of a functional employee. The guy in front of me was paying with a PO and apparently that... wasn’t working. After about 20 min he finally gave up and paid with his personal credit card.

Alright. My turn. First I had to explain who I was and why I was there... which seemed confusing. They eventually located my tires, but didn’t have any paperwork to go with them. Spiffy. That found, they couldn’t figure out how to put my work order in the system. This involved calling whoever had called in to get some help, the second time I’d seen them do that so far.


Keeping in mind that at this point I’d been there about 45 minutes I did the “I can see that you guys are really busy,” because they were “so if you want to just give me the tires we can do this another time.” That prompted another call to ask if I could do that, which I actually heard the person on the other line scream “I DON’T KNOW!”

Ok. So. I just want to leave now. How about I leave the wheels with you and come back after lunch. Does that work?



Four hours later they are done. They charged me a little more than advertised, but I wasn’t going to quibble over $3.


So while everyone was pleasant and nice and apologetic, no one seemed fully (or even partially) prepared to do their jobs. In the past I’d given Pep Boys credit on their parts side for being a more pleasant experience than AutoZone and the like. However, I can say on the tire and repair side I’m... less impressed. Not sure if this is an issue with this one in particular or if at a corporate level they are hiring good people but not giving them the training or tools they need to do their jobs.

Either way, I... don’t think I’ll be going back.

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