Listed in my preference order.

Engineering Explained:

Very technical, lots of detail, but basically just a podcast with engine sounds in the background. In keeping with being more technical that other reviews they actually got up inside the wheel arches for a look.

(is that the sound of a flat tyre in the last few seconds of the vid!?)


embedded link because Kinja is as fail as the CTR’s looks


Good, well written, lots of detail, and all praise to oppolock’s overlords. Addressed a lot of details other’s missed (which is why we like jelopicnic) including the #HornHole


Noted the fail design of the rear seats which I thoroughly agreed with.

Noted the blanked buttons, which I was ok with, he was not.

Car Throttle:

the presenter is usually too verbose for me, but the review was good, particaularly because he compared the FK8 to the FK2


Dug Demurano:

Not much praise from Dug on the R, and he mocked aero because it was FWD which was like a #triggered for me. He did however open the trunk/boot and talked about the centre console’s ability to hold phones. Otherwise a meh review. His demonstration of the torque steer was better than other’s.


Noted the blanked buttons, which I was ok with, he was not. Noted the blanks for parking sensors, which I am meh about.

Bad Obsession Motorsports:

I got a hold of BOM for a quote, “the Type R looks good, but what if instead of that gaudy body it was just a classic mini, but with all the running gear from an AWD celica?”


Best Motoring:

Best Motoring were smart and looked a the EK4/9 version of the Type R, which is better in ALL ways!