The CL-Class from Mercedes-Benz is an expensive car; let me get that out of the way. It is also a complete imitation of the American muscle car, so why doesn’t it get more love from Oppo’s? It is a large car with high horsepower and a comfortable package. It will never out corner an Elise, it isn’t a sports car like a 911, but it IS a 400+hp 2+2 coupe. The price point is well out of the reach of almost everyone, but you can get a low mileage used one for less than $10K more than a base Mustang GT or Camaro SS. I know the maintenance and reliability are going to be an issue, but it’s a car that you can buy from CarMax and get their extended warranty, the advantages of which are described in detail here.

Maybe this needs to be my next car...

Comparison numbers below

Chevy Camaro 2SS (Gen5 US) $36K base

  • 3750#/112.3in WB/430hp/424tq

Ford Mustang GT (Gen5 US) $30K base

  • 3475#/107.1in WB/300hp/320tq

2008 Mercedes Benz CL-550 (Gen3 US) $43K used

  • 4500#/116.3in WB/429hp/516tq