Long story short everyone here knows that I have an MR2 that isnt running right. I bought the car to learn stick and do basic stuff to it. I had a friend who knew about MR2s and he said he would help. He doesnt want to talk to me since he failed out of college so I’m on my own working on it. Which is going slow and junk. Took me 3 days to change the acc belts. So I browse CL to see if anyone would trade for my MR2 + some amount of cash. I’d look for Civic Hatches EF, Festivas, 300ZX, or Metros. Hell even Aspires. So I contacted a dude with a auto Metro “rust free” and has 64K miles. He’s telling me that my MR2 is worth 200 bucks and if I can get it running well its worth 500 and his metro is worth 2000. So in his mind my MR2 + 2000 = his 96 automatic Metro. Hes trying to screw me over Oppo!

The Story is still kinda long sorry ;] Heres a Twingo!