having thought I’d ruined my chance to keep chatting with my scammer, a few minutes on google images and a moment in mspaint and I was back in the game

Continuing on from yesterday’s fun

I sent my buddy a text with a picture of the ebay giftcards I had “bought”. I assumed I had been blocked since he had stopped responding, but nope.

I THINK I still have him at least partially convinced that I’m interested in his scam. The “Please speak the phone” is because he was now calling me repeatedly. To which I would answer and reply that I wanted to talk by text or pretend the call was breaking up. He was quite legitimately excited/anxious to get his ebay giftcard numbers.


ANY quantity of card numbers. After all, he’d worked me all day, he deserved this pay out!

umm... ok, he MIGHT be onto me... pornographic image redacted/censored

but no, a WHOLE minute passes and he asks for card 3. SURELY by now he is playing along, right?


is that the end? well... I mean it probably SHOULD be. but, to be honest, I REALLY think he still thinks I have actual giftcards in hand, and that he has a chance to get them if only he could talk to me in person.