CL Tabs I Don't Want to Close.

Do you ever find something on CL and you don’t want to close the tab, so you just leave it up for awhile even tho you know you can’t buy the car? Here the two I have open right now. The first one is a mechanically well maintained, and cosmetically ratty quad headlight Fox Body. Asking price is 4,000 which is super reasonable, i dig it.

It’s even got a clean interior with what looks like some nice bucket aftermarket seats.


The other is a BEAUTIFUL blue 2011 Ranger, 4.0l, manual trans, extended cab, 4x4, XLT. Probably the best ranger you’re going to find. Dealer wants 16,450, which is crazy. Ur honestly if I had it I’d pay it.

So what’s on CL that’s got your attention

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