This morning I had one of those “how did I end up in this situation?” moments I sometimes have in the course of my job. I was interviewing a claimant who slipped and fell at a site. She is older and had some horses that she needed to feed. After I took the statement and had her sign some forms, she asked if I could help her feed the horses.

I mean... I could have said no, but that would a) be an asshole thing to do and b) likely increase any possible demand. So, I figured in the interest of being a good dude and keeping the claim on the rails, I dutifully went out to the barn to feed two a dress shirt/pants.

As an adjuster, I try to operate transparently and ethically.  To me, claims are not just about money.  I approach my liability claims holistically.  If I can make someone happier or get something done for them, they often value that more than cash.  At the end of the day, money isn’t going to go out to the barn and feed your horses.