ClaimsofFortLangley: Bathing in the Sink Edition

It’s Monday and I am bored, so I thought I’d share a batshit insane claim with you. I just got this today. I think that I may share more claims stuff, especially if ridiculous or really interesting (so pretty rarely). The following took place at a mall. It gets good about halfway down. Report was written by someone who is ESL.

“At above date and time the writer was in (redacted) and heard a person yelling inside Level one mens washroom. The writer immediately attended the scene and saw there was a male jumping and shouting. The writer asked the male if he needs help but the male denied. The writer came to know that he was suffering from pepper spray, the writer told him to use Soap and Water together and rub infected areas. The male was not complying and continued shouting loudly. The writer then asked the male if he needs EHS but he denied. The writer continuously tried to guide him to get relief from the pain by asking him to use soap and water.


(Redacted) immediately called 911. In between the writer continuously asked the male to use soap and water and rub the infected areas. After that the male suddenly went to one of the toilet and tried to took off paper roll and broke the paper roll case. Suddenly, he became naked with unknown reason and tried to take a bath in the sink.

VPD attended and found the male inside the washroom. They took charge of the situation and the writer stood back. The VPD officer asked the male his name and he replied with (redacted). As he was running and jumping around in the washroom, he banged his head on the wall and his forehead started bleeding. After around 30 minutes fire rescue came and helped the male by pouring baby shampoo and distilled water on his infected areas. EHS transported the male to hospital.”

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