*clank* *thud* *bang*

A horrible noise from my passenger’s side rear suspension when I went over a bump two days ago. From that point it would repeat at every small bump in the round, sounding distinctly like metal rattling side to side.

Upon inspection of the shock tower, there was excessive play between the bushing and the body. Basically, the shock threading was just knocking back and forth in the little space. Moreover, the jackass that replaced the shock (me) forgot the lower metal washer, which allowed for more slack to appear over time.


Hooray. I dun fickz the thing that should have not needed a second attempt. But it’s good that the noise was caused by something so simple. The car needs enough TLC as it is.

Also, I found an old plaid blanket in my closet. It’s black and grey and not blue, but good enough to cover the hatch carpet, which doggo has been doing a number on.

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