So last night, shit went down almost solely because of a crosspost by a member of oppo and another kinja blog. Normally this itself wouldn't warrant a blog post but we are currently editing and revising the handbook so now is the time to bring it up - how do we/they handle crossposts? Actual discussion and suggestions after the jump.

So last night we had K-roll being a typical 18-25 y/o. And by that I mean kind of an idiot. I speak from experience as my own series of posts is about hipster cars people forgot about so I know and participate in the dumb-posts that are just kinda harmless and not too meaningful. But last night's post struck a nerve with a particular commenter who shared it with another kinja sub-blog who reacted in a rather extreme fashion against it. Before people grab their pitchforks - Oppo has done the same to other blogs' posts being shared to oppo/jalopnik. And yes, we e-fought in the comments in a similar fashion to what happened last night. Look past the difference in topics for a second and realize that in both cases, the group that the post got shared to was the crowd that has a very definitive stance on those issues.

So my question is this - What is the proper etiquette for dealing with crossposts that may violate oppo posting rules? As far as I can tell, last night's crosspost to a different sub-blog would be filed under "shit stirring" just as other posts shared from pages like gizmodo to Oppo before it. Any of the "autonomous cars" or "a future without cars" posts shared to Oppo/Jalopnik were treated as battle cries despite that being expressly forbidden in the rules This has happened before and will happen again so we should address it now while we have recently experienced both sides and are revising the rulebook.

Have a Bugatti Type 37 to keep us all on the classy track.

Edit: Part of my question was "Who is responsible" when a post gets cross posted to stir shit? The person who made the original post or the shit stirrer? Groupthink JUST posted a guide to making apologies to GT so I would imagine they expect an apology to avoid further problems. We do not have such a requirement on Oppo but this is why I'm asking - different blogs have different rules and what is josher for one isn't kosher for another.