Clarkson on Infiniti

As per the Sunday Times magazine:

“The Infiniti brand has not been what we’d call a runaway success. It was designed as a halo for Nissan in the way that Lexus is a halo for Toyota and Acura is a halo for Honda in many parts, and while the idea is sound, the cars have always been ho-hum and have have been sold only to people in America who were too interested in food and the baby Jesus to notice that their shiny new set of wheels was a tarted-up, half-arsed Datsun.”

After all that he thought that the Q30 would be a quiet success because for all its many failings it was quite a looker.


Have a Q30. It’s based on a Merc A Class and is built in Sunderland in the UK but you knew that, didn’t you?

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