Back in the 1980s, advertising jingles were all the rage. Almost any brand that was anything had one. It was almost as if everybody was kind of trying to nostalgically relive the 1950s after one decade of turmoil followed by one decade of economic stagnation, and advertisers keyed into that by reviving the postwar art of the jingle. Of course, General Motors had to get in on this fad, and somebody in their marketing department decided that every one of their divisions had to have its own distinct theme song.

Chevrolet – Heartbeat of America

Pontiac - Ride, Pontiac, Ride

Oldsmobile - Not Your Father's Oldsmobile

Buick - The Great American Road Belongs to Buick

Cadillac - Cadillac Style

Since this was still the era when people bought pickup trucks to do pickup truck stuff as opposed to the morning commute to a suburban office park, GMC was evidently judged unworthy. However, a local dealer group in Wisconsin sort of filled the void.

25+ years later, which one holds up the best to modern ears?