Classic car meetup - the fancier kind

I was attending a car show/rally in Sweden this weekend. Unlike the ones I usually attend (hey, let’s compare carburettor configurations on our Morrises (Morris’? Morri?)) this one was a bit more high brow. A Jaguar D-type from Ecurie Ecosse (“It’s the original paintwork”, the owner proudly said as he threw a ring binder onto its back with a painfully metallic sound), a Ferrari 500 TRC and more gullwings than you normally find Corvettes on a regular meetup.


We unsuccessfully tried to blend in with our puny MGA and Dyna Panhard.

However (and the real reason I made this post), the owner of the Ferrari did his best to disprove the stereotype of these cars being treated like objects in a museum. For the love of all that is holy, watch this video until the end:

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