If you haven’t noticed, I am on a bit of a CL hunt. I really miss having the visceral experience that a classic car brings you. No ABS, no T/C, etc. Just you, the car, and the road. As much as I love my GTO, she can become boring sometimes because she is expensive and harder to work on and there is a little disconnect from the world inside her. Plus I DD her and I think that ruins some of the special feeling you get. Well good running cars I like are hard to find in any sort of price range, not that I have one anymore. I’ve spent all my money on my GTO. But I was looking at 6 cylinder Mustangs because you can get a decent one for cheap.

Example: 1967 Ford Mustang (6cyl) $2500

Look, paint!

It is fairly clean from what I can tell and would be a fun drive! But what if a V8 pulls up to you at a light? You’d be so embarrassed. So? Who cares? It is still a great car. “But come on, just get a V8 model.”

Example: 1967 Ford Mustang (V8) $8000

Look no paint

The problem here is the V8s go up in price so quickly. Even the ones that didn’t come from the factory with a V8. That is $5500 difference for a car that looks to be in worse condition.

I mean if you HAD to have a V8, which lets be honest I would get bored of the I6 after a while, and you can get a decent new V8 for cheaper than that. Hell if you’re really pinching pennies a used one would be even better.


ATK High Performance 1968-74 Ford 302 Stock Drop In Crate Engines HP99F


That engine would cost you roughly $3000 and with the few odds and ends needed to get it running in you I6 car, you could be out less money than buying a rough V8 model. And the wild thing it you could sell it more than that V8 model when you’re done.

Stupid classic cars. I would enjoy and early I6 Mustang though.... Hmmm

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