Went to a Dodge dealership and remembered why I hate dealerships (only ever bought 1 of 7 cars from dealership).

Salesman was pretty nice and everything and I was relatively interested in the car (Dodge Durango R/T for the wife), but told him I was in no rush to buy. It was more optioned out than I would like and more expensive as well (sticker around 51k). He asked me to sit and at least begin to talk numbers and since I had nothing better to do I figured I’d see what they were willing to do. He heads to talk to the finance manager and says “I’ll be back in 5 minutes, no less than 5 minutes.”

Comes back 25 minutes later and I tell him “that was way more than 5 minutes.” He apologizes and says “I’m glad it was because they really want to sell this car, and we do anything to take care of our military, they are giving you a great deal!” He puts the stupid quad sheet in front of me and there’s a bunch of silly numbers that mean different rebates or whatever and then underlined is the final price: $46,998. He explains it to me and is acting like it’s the deal of the century.

I pull out my phone and show him the autotrader ad that has the Durango R/T listed for the exact, to the dollar, price that is on the stupid sheet. I ask him “so you took 25 minutes to get me an advertised price?” He is speechless. Literally just turns bright red and says nothing. I thank him for his time and walk out.

I think I should do this once a year just to remind me how much more I like private party deals and used cars in general. The thing is, I don’t blame the salesman for his tactics, he has a job and needs to make money, but the whole thing is just so silly and everyone is so fake. Oh well!