Having consulted y’all for paint color options, (thanks again to DucST3-EnthusiastAlwaysWantsToUpgrade for the Miami Blue suggestion) I’m here today for wheel ideas. Suggest a nice clean set of wheels, and also suggest something ridiculous! Only rule is it must fit on the car.

Above is my car, with its stock 14" alloys. Realistically, the biggest I can go is 16" unless I run lots of spacers and a crazy offset. The front suspension simply doesn’t allow for a larger tire size, and I’d rather not do coilovers at this time to make space for that.

So my parameters for fitment are as follows:

  • Reasonable diameter (15" or 16" preferred)
  • Wider than the 6" wide stock wheels.
  • 5x114.3 bolt pattern available. Unless it’s durable and looks really good, I don’t want to change out the hubs.
  • Durable. I will be using the car for fun autocross shenanigans as well as daily duties, so I’m more concerned with strength than weight.


In terms of looks and style, I’m open to all ideas. My original idea was to go for a clean OEM look, but I kind of want to see what you all dream up too.