Felt a lot like this with the carpets

I would steam it, then wipe it and my cloth came back filthy. Steam again, wipe again, steam again, wipe again...kept being filthy.

After 5 or 6 repetitions I conceded and decided it was good enough. It certainly looks better but needs a proper shampoo with a dedicated machine to get it perfect.

Similar story with vacuuming, no matter how many passes i made it seemed like it was leaving some grit behind.


Either way, an improvement is better than nothing, and it looks better than it probably has in a decade. I might rent a rug doctor someday to give it a true shampoo, but it’s fine for now.

It’s still for sale by the way, if anyone is interested. I’m feeling ready to move on. It’s a fun car, but my Sonic is too, and with classes starting up again for the summer next week (ugh) I don’t have much time for anything.


Seriously, any oppos anywhere near Wichita that are interested in a nice clean CRX let me know. I’ll give you a good price.