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Cleaning an engine bay to diagnose a leak

It would seem that I have a small oil leak somewhere on the Civic, but I’m not quite sure where. I’ve never really ever properly cleaned the engine bay, so it’s a bit tricky to diagnose where the leak is coming from. I have heard that using a pressure washer is a bad way to clean an engine bay, as it can mess with a lot of the electrical bits (e.g.: fuse box). So what is the proper way to clean things? Any recommendations on cleaning solutions, brushes, or that sort of thing?

I’ve also heard some belt squeal a few times - I can’t replicate it with any sort of consistency though.  I’m wondering if my A/C + power steering belt has slowly worked its way looser than it should be.  What sort of deflection is normal when pressing on a belt like that?  (It would seem that would greatly depend on how hard you press on it, but alas, I haven’t heard of a good way to measure belt tension).


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