Cleaning out rear brakes transformed the Transit

The other day my dad’s Transit, which I have been dailying the past weeks, developed a weird squeak and started making a horrible scraping noises as I was leaving my parents’ place. I turned it around immediately and after having a quick listen we figured rear brakes were the most likely culprit and probably needed to be replaced. Yesterday, my dad took the drums off, had a look inside and hoovered out a shitload of dust from the drum and the mechanism. The end effect is pretty staggering. The squeak and scraping noise seem to be gone, but what’s more the shudder when pulling away from a stop, which we were attributing to engine mounts, is now completely gone. Also, the resonance, which vibrated the entire body on acceleration in certain rev ranges, is greatly diminished. All in all the van feels like it’s 200 000 km newer. Holy shit.


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