Cleaning Therapy

It’s been so rainy here in Ohio, so now that I have a free moment and the weather is permitting, I decided to quickly detail the jellybean.

My daughter even pitched in, she did all the glass with invisible glass wipes. The paint was cleaned using the lovely Ammo NYC frothe hoseless lift kit and then hit with Ammo hydrate. Afterwards I threw on a light coat of Griot’s best of show wax. Under the hood I just hit the valve cover, a few hoses and the fuse box cover with some Ammo lather.

I really like how it turned out for a quick 1.5 hour detail. Of course I did the inside as well, but you’ll see that tomorrow after those mods are done. The picture of the rear turned out amazing; the sun just happened to shine at the right time. Sunrise Orange Pearl sure does look pretty in the light.


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