Got the garage a little more organized from the summer craziness tonight. Got the tractor moved into it’s winter rebuild home. A quick glance shows

  • Hydrostatic trans is leaking at one end
  • Mower spindle is making a lot of noise
  • Drive belt is cracked
  • Front wheel bushings shot
  • Front subframe bushing shot
  • Lower steering wheel bushing has excessive play
  • Tierod bushing are dead again
  • Engine leaking oil(l (looks like sump gasket)
  • Headlight switch missing
  • Tires cracking and worn
  • Front grill cracked which allows good to open too far
  • Excessive resistance in regulator to battery cable
  • Forward/reverse lever is really sloppy

I have a plan for most of it. Some upgrades and some replacement parts should do it.


The paint is pretty rough but a little meguirs ultimate compound should clear it right up.

Illustration for article titled Cleanup and polishing

You can see the clean spot on the hood and just make out the extra shiny dirt on the headlight

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