Cleanup continued after Sunday’s derailment of a Norfolk Southern freight train lead to a dozen or so containers, as well as the rail cars they sat on, either crashing down onto or dangling above the Port Authority’s T tracks a few hundred feet from the Station Square platform.

Onlookers watched as six of the boxes and three cars were carefully removed from the tracks and hoisted into an adjacent parking lot. Three cars, and the double-stacked containers atop them, remain suspended above the rails as crews survey how to best move them.


Aside from one worker who injured his arm on a cable, there have been no incidents since an excavator came into contact with live wires yesterday, and travel into the city proceeded much smoother. Delays were still common, but no where near the 2 hours plus that saw mobs gather at South Hill Junction Monday morning.

Interestingly, I did get to see the NorSo crews have prefabbed rail and tie assemblies stacked up & ready to go, looking exactly like Lionel train tracks. 

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