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Clear coat experts of the world: please help. For the love of God, help me.

Never seen this before in my life, after a decade of bad X-mas decorations on my cars, but: the little blue reef I put on my car appears to have stained my clear coat on the front edge of the hood.


No photos because it doesn’t show for a damn at night, but let me tell you hwat: it is there.

I got some spots off with hot water and elbow grease, but other parts are not budging (cold as hell right now too so...). Shopped hard for a bug guard — again — to cover it up, but they haven’t made any since 2007 and none are for sale on any forum, or ebay, or JDM (yo) sites under an Altezza/Gita. 


Any way... not sure what to do. Let me know... Short of a bleeping repaint.

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