Sometimes being the only child sucks. Since my mom passed, I’m the only one left to deal with the aftermath. OK, that’s not exactly true. My wife and kids have stepped up to help me where they can. A couple of weeks ago, that meant helping me to sort through my mom’s things and clear out her house, and shop, and barn, and well-house....

To kick it all off, we ordered a box truck from U-Haul. What we ordered and what we received were two different things. I asked for the smallest truck that could haul a car. I received the biggest truck in their inventory!

This thing was HUUUUGE! It made the bro trucks look puny in comparison. Seriously, the hood height was higher than some of the SUVs out there.

Such a commanding view of the world below!

And it was loooong. The cargo area is 20' long plus another 6' for the “mom’s attic”, with extra length added for the cab. Overall, I think it’s somewhere around 30' long.


The car trailer was about 15' long with a 4' tongue, so about 20' overall. With all this bigness, there just wasn’t enough room to maneuver the trailer into a good spot for loading, so I just hooked it up to the Explorer and parked the trailer in a quiet spot until we were ready to load. That freed up the truck to be put in the best spot for loading it as well.

The yard area wasn’t big enough to maneuver the car hauler into place with the box truck. The Explorer was pressed into duty as a yard truck.


The Explorer did a great job of moving the WRX around the yard. The tires are all muddy because I managed to get it stuck when I went off-roading on the rain-soaked yard. Whoops. It was ok, though. It gave me the opportunity to practice some rusty skills.

We brought in a 30-yard dumpster for trash and managed to fill it before the week was up. When they came to pick it up, they accidentally dug some ruts that I’ll need to smooth out on the next trip. There’s so much work to do to get the place ready to sell, it’s just overwhelming.

So, here we are all packed and ready to go!


You can see the final rut that the roll-off truck left while trying to get out of the driveway. It’s amazing how well packed and solid the driveway is while the dirt right next to it is just a bit squishy.

The drive from mom’s to my house is about 10 hours by myself, 12 hours with the family, and 16 (?) hours in a U-Haul pulling a car carrier. I originally planned to do it in two days, but there was more work than I realized and we ended up leaving a day later than planned. We got a late start (of course) but I figured we would drive until we were tired and stop for the night.


This is where I have to brag on my daughter a bit. She has her permit, but isn’t licensed yet. When my wife got too tired to drive, my daughter took over. This was her longest drive to date and she hung in there even after the sun went down and it started raining. How many kids can say that their parents let them drive on the freeway, at night, in the rain, while pulling a trailer?

When we were all too tired to carry on, I started looking for a hotel room. There was nothing, and I do mean NOTHING available within two hours of our stopping point. We had to settle for a rest stop with security. We did our best to bed down in the cars. The girls had it easy in the Explorer. The seats in the U-Haul wouldn’t recline, so my son and I practiced sleeping upright. We would have crawled into the back of the Explorer, but it was filled with the top half of a wood and glass hutch, so there wasn’t room for sleepy people.


We awoke with the sun to finish the trip. We were dead tired and still had a lot of unloading to do, but the move was really uneventful. That’s the best kind of move to have.