Here’s an update on the Cletus Fleet! (Trademark pending) I’ve been busy with all three of my Chevys this month. Let’s start with the most recent piece of work.


The ‘99 Suburban had developed a leak in the windshield frame and it was driving me nuts. I removed the glass without cracking it and cleaned the channel thoroughly and removed a little bit of rust. I also hammered the track straighter and painted the whole thing in the pewter metallic paint that it originally came with. Now its ready for the glass to go back in and my $300 280,000 mile daily driver will be ready for the road once again.

Here she sits

Ah the poor Corvette. The Corvette was running and driving fine until I mangled the driveshaft u-joint. I guess hole-shotting every stoplight at 4,000 rpm has its price. It’s currently sitting outside my girlfriend’s house but It’ll be in the garage as soon as the Burb gets glass back in it. Poor thing.


Holy shit this thing is fighting me. The bad news keeps coming. I found rust at the base of the a-pillars and left rear jack point. it also has a completely dead cylinder with zero compression. The bad news is so thick I’m debating scrapping the idea of fixing this thing. Corvairs are over the place for $3k so seems silly to me to kill myself for 2 years to make a $1,000 Corvair run and drive. If I were to fix it, it would need both floor pans, the aforementioned rust, a full engine rebuild + brakes and other nastiness. Not impossible, just economically challenging. MIlling the heads on a Corvair costs $1,500 alone.

And that’s the fleet!

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