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Cleveland Goes Rad

Today I met up with some friends to visit the “Cleveland Goes Rad” exhibit at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum. If you are considering going, please make one consideration - are you going solely for this, or to see this and the rest of what they have on display?

If you are going only for the Rad stuff (and not the impressive collection of pre-war and otherwise very early and unusual automotive history), you might save your $10 admission. If you’re looking for the whole thing, it’s definitely worth going.


Why, though, is just the Rad not worth the admission on its own? Look at the picture above. That’s it. That is the whole display.

There’s a dodge stealth, early dodge viper, the first production delorean, a buick indy pace car, an open wheel racer (I forget the details), a cosworth mercedes 190e, rolls silver spirit (smells good), pro-street dodge colt (?), a 993 911, mini-truck’ed squarebody s10, a c4 LT1, and a turbocoupe.

Now, the rest of the museum is impressive and again I would recommend going to check it out - but don’t expect a massive (or even mid-sized) showing of 80's/90's cars. I wasn’t disappointed overall (because the rest of the two-floor museum has a ton of very clean and interesting automotive history) but the “Cleveland goes Rad” netting a whopping dozen cars was a bit of a let-down.

Oh and they have a carousel you can ride free with admission. It’s pretty cool.

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