Time for another Cars and Coffee. The weather looked right, but I was definitely not feeling it. Had been under the weather for the past week and that always makes Cars and Coffee a bit more of an excursion than it already is.

Yes, as the thumbnail suggests there was indeed a Ford GT in attendance, and I did get it gingerly leaving the show. A very impressive car. The car that I was most impressed with (next to the twin turbo GTV6) was an UrQuattro. I haven’t seen one of those in the states probably ever, and it was a welcome sight. It was very clean on the outside, and they were working on the inside (hence me taking no shots of it). The classic Ferrari’s I filmed at the end of the music portion were pulling out of the show but I opted to shoot the audi. I caught it leaving too, but it was a factory stock car, and a bike pulled out right behind it so the signature 5 cylinder rumble was unfortunately not captured. Still a very nice car I hope to see again. According to the owner they have another one that is getting a performance makeover. I hope to see that one at a future cars and coffee for sure!

If you went, what was your favorite at the show?


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