Youā€™ll never see number 10 coming.

10: Beutler Beetle Wagon

Beutler Brothers of Switzerland are better known for custom-bodied VW based sports cars, but they also made a few wagons based on the beetle.

9: Fiat 500 Giardiniera


How do you make the Fiat 500 better? By making it bigger. The Giardiniera was blessed with more passenger and luggage space, and apparently, even a roof-top tent sometimes.

8: Studebaker Wagonaire


In Studebakers waning years, the company was increasingly desperate for new ideas that would give them an edge over the big three. They would try anything. Some asshole thought it would be funny to suggest a convertible wagon, where only the luggage part of the roof converts. Somehow this made it into production, and then Studebaker stopped making cars forever.

7: Mini traveller


The Mini Traveller was the result of BMC injecting some hard wood into the rear end of a Mini. Thus enlarged it could hold all sorts of things, like a bicycle. A suspiciously small bicycle. But apparently not a normal sized kitchen sink according to the copywriting.

6: Trabant Kombi



5: Crosley Super Wagon


Would you believe that for a time, the tiny Crosley was the best selling station wagon in the U.S.? And despite the crudeness of the bodywork it has a fairly sophisticated (for the time) overhead cam inline four? Well youā€™ll NEVER believe that Datsun copied the thing and sold it as an ambulance in Japan.

What is this supposed to be? An Ambulance for ants!?

Somehow Datsun avoided being sued by Crosley and everybody else for this spectacularly misguided automotive plagiarism.


4: SAAB 95

Once, in 1961 Saab decided to enter their 95 in the Monte Carlo. They finished in fourth place overall. Yes. They raced a station wagon in the Monte Carlo.


3: Subaru 360 Custom

Subaru knew the world needed a boxier 360 for flower hauling purposes.


They delivered. The Custom model unfortunately didnā€™t see wide sales in the U.S. as although a handful were imported in 1968, they turned out to be too heavy to slip under the 1000lbs. limit for safety exemptions that allowed the very slightly lighter 360 sedan to be imported. Therefore none were imported in 1969 and currently no LHD Customs are known to still exist.

2: Mazda RX-3 Wagon



1: Orange Volvo


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