Close call, and random stuff

I was tired of the office today, so I decided to randomly head out into central NJ and find a Starbucks to work at. On I-80 West just past Paterson, I saw what looked like a field of broken glass on the roadway, and moved over. Well done, because there was a pair of cars stopped in the roadway after a collision. RIP Del Sol.

On the way back, I went through downtown Morristown. Looks like a place I’d really like to explore on foot, but damn if the roads weren’t inscrutable and the signs abysmal. One of those places you need to know where all the one-way streets and left-only bays are ahead of time.

Then there was this truck... you’ll just need to watch the video for that one.

More carnage on NJ 3 East close to home, but my video card ran out of memory.

Edit: whoa, on closer inspection it seems like whatever happened with the two cars happened in frame right in front of me, blocked by other cars. Traffic was moving until right before they came into the picture.

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