Yesterday I was driving along the Mink Mile - a section on Bloor St in Toronto with many high end clothing retailers - when I had a close call but was fortunately able to stop in time. Picture for reference.

This part of the street has two lanes in each direction. I was in the right-hand lane (red arrow) because the left one had stopped due to a car making a left turn (grey circle) with a decent number of vehicles lined up behind them and seemingly content to just wait for that person to make their turn (why the hell this happens I will maybe never know). My lane was clear but roads were a bit wet and I was driving at the speed limit. As I approached the turning car I just had this gut feeling that something can pop out due to a blocked view. Sure enough two women in heels run across the road (yellow arrow). I get on the brake and feel a bit of shudder due to some snow but slow right down with ample space (4 - 5m). I get on the horn of course. To make things even better then women are having issues jumping from the road onto the sidewalk because of the snowbank near the curb.


Had I made contact I’m sure part of the blame would fall on me. If I was distracted for just a second that could have been reality. I’m very often a pedestrian and cyclist in the city and I always put myself in the shoes of the driver, and vice versa. Is jaywalking when there’s snow on the ground and an obstructed view worth it? Could they have used the pedestrian crosswalk a few metres down the road? It pisses me off when people are this dumb.

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