Close Call With Toby This Weekend

Dude still sleeps 20 hrs a day
Image: Me

So our back yard is 90% fenced. There’s a 5-10 foot opening on each side of the house. For the last month, Toby is very good at doing his business in the back without trying to creep up front. We even have a runner going across the yard so he can enjoy the huge yard, but he just won’t do his business when attached to the runner. So we’ll walk with him through the yard and he just follows along.

Friday was different. He did his usual business, and instead of walking back to the door with me, he darts straight for the front yard. I have to guess he saw a squirrel or bird. Well, he wouldn’t answer to me calling him, and runs directly into the street. If the Dodge Journey did not brake as well as he did, things would have been a lot worse, and this post would be a lot darker.


Two lessons were learned here: He’s not responding well to the training we’re giving him; and we need to close up this fence. We signed him up for a 6 week class at the local pet store, and went to the local hardware store for some supplies. Since we’re renting this house, we decided to go with a quick and cheap option compared to digging deep and pouring concrete. I cut and treated a handful of 2x4's, and stapled some chicken wire. The posts are a little less than 1.5 feet deep, which should be enough to hold for at least a year or so, but did not require digging deep or pouring concrete.

Total cost was $55, which is a small price to pay for Toby’s safety. Landlord is all good with the work, as long as we’re not tearing apart the house. We did the DNA test so find out what breeds he is. I am excited to find out what he really is. Shelter said Labrador for sure, but his face looks like either a Dane or a little bit of Chow Chow. He does have black cow spots on his tongue, and Chow Chow are notorious for having that trait pretty exclusively.

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