I was at Costco today with my dad. We just rolled up in his NC and got out out of the car. Right then, a couple passes by and the woman says to my dad "Oh, I love your car!" chatter chatter chatter. They say "We have a red '90 over there, it's just been painted, come check it out!"

So we walk over a few aisles to a glistening red NA. It sure as hell has a fresh Classic Red paint job, as well as a brand new black top. They said the paint job was $500—surprisingly low, but aptly so (it showed in some areas such the trunk keyhole). But damn, the car looked stunning overall. They did pay $1200 to get the body tip-top before the paint job, but it sounds like they had much more body damage than I. This is relevant to me because my red is now varying shades of pink and white... always shot down the idea of a paint job but this encounter got me thinking.

So we're chattering on, and couple interesting things come up:

- the woman bought a 6cyl 5spd Fiero GT in its first year of production and still has it


- turns out, these people live about 3 minutes from our house

The real icing on the cake, however, is when this guy in a Ford Explorer rolls up to us, leans out his window, and says "I take you all for a bunch of Miata enthusiasts—I have one too. Have you heard of Miatas at Mazda Raceway?" My dad and I nod. Explorer guy says he'll be there.


Finally, during the last two minutes of conversation, a woman in a classic Beetle has been waiting to take the Miata's parking spot.

photo credit: meeeee!