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Close on first house Friday; layoffs intensifying. Cool

I went and got our closing cashiers check today as we buy our first house on friday. This was about three hours after I learned that 5 people in the department next to mine got laid off. Neat!

I knew our firm was doing some of this but damn, I didn’t expect them to get rid of 40% of a department. My boss keeps saying she thinks we are fine but the manager of the department where layoffs happened was appparently crying yesterday so I don’t think department managers are getting much say. We recently hired an upper level officer and I hadn’t looked too much at her experience; but today I took a second look and it turns out her favorite past time is laying people off. She stays places two years and moves on.

Im not going to do anything too drastic but it’s a good reminder to get my financial shit together. And work on my resume.


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