Close those underhood fuse boxes!

In the latest video from South Main Auto, Eric O investigates a Silverado that won’t start. After some strategic diagnosis via a handy-dandy scan tool, the investigation continues into the engine compartment. Lo and behold:

Screenshot: South Main Auto Repair LLC. Fuse box reveal starts @ 09:33

It’s a mess! But Eric stays focused and probes the start circuit to find a fuse that tests bad, but looks... good? There’s some corrosion on the metal, but it doesn’t look blown...

The fuse is definitely open though, according to the test lamp. If that’s not enough proof for you, check out this autopsy:

Screenshot: South Main Auto Repair LLC. Fuse autopsy starts @ 13:28

Underneath the plastic housing, all it took was a little corrosion to break the 2-amp fuse’s tiny element. it’s only a matter of time before some of the larger fuses will succumb to the same thing. And it’s not just the fuses. The relays are beginning to seize to the panel as well...

With a new 2-amp fuse, the truck starts and runs... for now. But it will need a whole new fuse panel in the near future, just because it spent some time without the cover in place.


...Reminds me of an Express van I used to drive for a previous employer. Without its lid, the underhood panel started to get all cruddy, and one of the first things to fail was the wiper circuit. You can see the broken-off fuse blade in the middle of this pic:

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