So I keep seeing these, and a lot of the F1 fans are really against it. So I thought I would start a discussion. Is it the tradition that bothers them, not being able to see the driver as well? I’m curious what has some people who have watched F1 for 30+ say they won’t watch anymore if they do this. Will they really stop, I wouldn’t. I would take a formula with flat out racing and less hybrids for the cockpit covering. I say let WEC take the reigns for hybrid system development, F1 will have to change a bit to keep up with the times but I think it should be flat out within the speed limits they have to set. You can’t let people drive as fast as engineers in this day and age can make them go. What about Malaysia? Its going to be hot, I guess they have to run some air vents to keep the driver cool, or AC haha. They want turbo engines, fine, loose the other crap on board that nobody can come into the sport and keep running right. If Honda just had to build a turbo engine and McLaren just had to build the chassis, I think Alonso and Button would be at least hanging with RBR this year, and Renault would better off as well. Rob Smedley said the cockpit is easy engineering wise, WRC gets guys out of the car quick, I don’t know what you do with an F1 car flipped over and pinning the canopy down, you have the air intake above that gives some space, but it’s not as easy as the WRC side entry. They feel like there has so be some danger, well I think there still is, we had a death really, I am not so sure Jules will ever be ok, unfortunately. We have had a couple mountings and what if Alonso or Kimi were killed? I guess if we can have certain things in the racing/formula/tech side then I won’t revolt if they did this.