Closed Tecumseh Factory

I was walking around this morning, and decided to get a closer look at the huge sprawling factory building near my house that always seems empty and rarely do I see even a car in one of the many parking lots.

I only took a couple pictures, but I want to go back when I have more time. Most of it is fenced off but the front of the building is accessible, and while I did not see any NO TRESPASSING signs (other than around the little pond out front) I didn’t want venture too close.


I saw the TECUMSEH name still on the front of the building, and did a quick Google search on the way home and just found this from 2003:

They used to manufacture all kinds of small engines (I had a lawnmower that was Tecumseh powered) but according to Wikipedia and their website sold off everything and now just make compressors and other small machines... no mention of the small engines that everyone knows them for, or the huge plant they just left in the middle of my town.

(Google Maps satellite image for size, houses for scale)

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