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Club Openings!

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Groucho Marx once said that he had no desire to be a part of any club that would accept people like him as a member. I generally agree with that sentiment, as I'm sure many of you do. But that, of course, leads us to a notably paradoxical dilemma: what the hell are we supposed to do with ourselves?


Fortunately, there is an answer to that. And that answer is Oppositelock.

A club for us no-clubby types that isn't actually a club (for if it were, we'd want no part of it), but rather an arbitrary collection of random, lost souls who happen to want to talk cars and planes and ships and other such shenanigans.


Many of you have found your way here, and doubtlessly, wondered: how do I contribute my own shenanigans to this arbitrary collection random, lost souls?

The answer is simple: Place a request in the comments below, and I (or another admin) shall provide you the great privilege of being able to make your own shenanigan-filled posts in Oppositelock for all to see.

Photo bribes will be accepted, and may help speed the process. Just keep them SFW until after 5pm EST, at which point, (almost) all is fair. Perennial favorites include photos of cars, planes, ships, submarines, bacon, beef jerky, and supermodels.

So comment on, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the non-club for non-clubby car lovers!

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