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Clubman JCW update, unsurprising news.

I have appointment to have my car diagnosed at the local german auto shop.

Im an idiot and Against my better judgement bought the car with a check engine light illuminated, the dealer assured me that it was a glitch.(and he hooked up a scan took, which showed no codes) The whole time I figured there was more to it, but needed a car and it had passed smog so there wasn’t any glaring emissions related fault(so I assumed the light wasnt on for anything too bad).


Got the code read at a decent shop and it is 2885 Boost Pressure Control Deviation, which throws the motor into a reduced power mode. This explains why the car felt kinda gutless.

Briefly fiddled around looking for any boost leaks so the autozone rubber pcv hoses got replaced with some aeroquip pushlock I had laying around.

I’ve contacted the dealer which is 250 miles away and I’m told they will work with me to pay for the fix. I’ve got an appointment to diagnose on the 11th at which point I will know what this is going to cost (hopefully).


The CEL has turned off a couple times and now I know what I’m missing in regards to power.

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