Some new clutch bits have arrived for the Bajaab. The PO maxed out the clutch play adjuster, possibly to keep the clutch from sitting on the flywheel during storage and getting stuck - but this left the clutch slave cylinder fully extended, and it has frozen in place.

Further the cap for the clutch master was frozen on too. I ended up having to hammer a screwdriver through the cap, and peel it off in strips with a pair of pliers.

Luckily, the Saab uses many English parts, which were used on many popular cars, and thus produced for decades and decades and decades, meaning replacements are still made today. The hydraulics in this car are a mix of Girling and Lockheed, and if you know which part was used on Land Rovers, and which part was used on Minis, etc. it’s fairly easy to find new parts that fit.


Even better, because English car owners are so fanatical, I was able to find U.S. shops that had the parts for the Girling master cylinder in stock. The slave cylinder rebuild kit though, I could only find an English supplier for, so it’ll be a while still before I pull everything out and rebuild.