Clutch failure culprit found

Pulled the trans on my partner’s xA that lost all gears. My suspicion was that the throwout bearing was bad, and I was almost right. Turns out the clutch springs were chewing their way out of the center, and a piece broke off one of the cages and bounced around the bellhousing for a while before getting stuck behind the throwout bearing, keeping it from being able to slide back far enough to let the clutch engage.

New throwout bearing already installed in this pic.

The really interesting part is that is was an Exedy clutch. I’m not sure if that was OEM, or put in by a prior owner. Either way the new clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing are in. And we had just managed to wrestle the transmission back into place when the skies opened and it started bucketing rain. So I had to do the last few bellhousing & mount bolts while being soaked to the skin.

Now we’re inside, showered, and she bought me sushi for dinner.

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