I hate seeing everyone on Jalopnik simply jump down the throat of Alissa Walker. Ok, so she thinks the very invention which we hold nearest and dearest is a horrible thing and would like to see it banned in some capacity or another. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I’m not going to waste my breath name-calling someone with whom I disagree (if that was how I chose to use my time, Alissa would be so far down the list of people that I’d need one of those mine elevators). I am also not surprised that, as she admits that she does not drive and has not for years, she might not be familiar with some of the finer points of driving. Still, in a piece about driver-pedestrian safety, it is alarming that the difference between driving 45mph and 35mph is what Alissa would argue

would be a nearly imperceptible speed reduction from the driver’s perspective ...

I may not be able to close my eyes and simply feel the exact speed at which my car is driving, but I for one can definitely tell the difference between driving at 45mph and at 35mph. The claim itself is not that concerning, but it does lead me to wonder what else Ms. Walker doesn’t quite understand about driving. It’s not a huge problem because she doesn’t drive, but it demonstrates a lack of understanding of the behavior she’s trying to combat. I wouldn’t try to get college football banned if I thought a 50 yard field goal and a 60 yard field goal were basically the same. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t; I have no idea. I’d want to understand it more first.

TL;DR I took a reasonably well-written article about a very important safety issue and focused on one line I didn’t like, partly due to the author’s stance on cars. Sorry, Alissa.