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He said he went to look at a 2018 4Runner all black for about $38000. The only thing he really said he wanted was a little bit of offroad ability. I suggested an Outback, we were looking at a comparison and size-wise they are pretty close. The Outback has decent fuel economy at 28mpg, while the 4Runner is still in the 2000's with 18 mpg (probably because it is almost 1000 lbs heavier). When he heard that he was not happy although his commute is like 2 miles each way. A brand new Outback is also about $6k less than the used 4Runner. The biggest downside to the Outbacuse was the pathetic 170 something hp hampster wheel engine.


Enter the XT

we found an all-black new Outback XT for about the same price as the used 4 Runner, but with 260 hp and still 1000 pounds lighter. He liked. What else would you guys recomend?


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