Co-workers talked super bowl all yesterday. I didn't care. Work was still getting done, but our morning meeting took forever because of it. Every monday during football season it's like this apparently. But today, again, our meeting was going on an hour for what is normally a 15 minute meting......because football. Normally I stay quiet and try to bring people around to following F1 or indycar or something, and someof them do try to listen and I do catch the odd game of handegg. But usually I stay out of it and if anyone wants to know about whatever news article I'm reading abou F1, I'll answer questions. But this morning it was getting excessive and I had enough. I got asked who my favorite team was for this coming season (REALLY?!?!? ALREADY?!?!? IT JUST ENDED!!!!!!) and I responded "Well Williams is still my favorite this year but I think Lotus and Sauber are some good dark horses for midfield points" and everyone looked at me like I had three heads. Some quickly understood I was referring to racing, but others I had to explain about the testing beginning for the 2015 season. We were *juuuuuuust* about to get back on track when the exchange happened.

Co-worker: I don't see how you can follow any form of racing, even nascar. It's just not too interesting. And hey, they rest of us enjoy talking about football. Maybe you should try watching a few games instead of obsessing over cars.

Me: I would like to point out that out of everyone in this circle, I am the only one who actually plays and participates in the sport he follows. When I critique decisions and strategies I at least know what it's like to be on the track, strapped in a car, and seeing just how close the wall looks at 140mph. Meanwhile you sit in your living room and scream at the TV and pretend like you'd know what to do without the helicopter cam, instant replays, a volume control for the sound of the stadium, and commercial breaks.

The meeting was wrapped up shortly after.