Coca Cola mixers.

I saw these at work last night so thought I’d give a couple a try.

There is Coca Cola Signature Mixers Herbal, Spicy, Smoky and Woody.

Herbal and Spicy didn’t appeal to me so thought I’d get the Smoky and the Woody.


Tried it straight, with vodka and with whiskey.

Gave the Smoky a try first.


Straight, it doesn’t remind you much of the regular cola. Drinkable but curious. In vodka you can pick up some smoky flavour, maybe too much and with the whiskey it’s like having a bite of a BBQ chicken wing and then a mouth full of whiskey and cola.

The Woody,


Less noticeable flavours to the Smoky straight up or with whiskey, but with vodka, well, it’s not a drink I’d order and pay for.

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