Here's my ghetto gaming cockpit.

It's since been painted white. I was going to cover it in some sort of material, but didn't think it was necessary.


Seat from a 2006 Ford Fusion

Fanatec CSR Value wheel/pedals

2X4's and plywood left in the basement by my landlord

Some metric bolts I borrowed from work (to mount the wheel/pedals)

Slide bolt latches (not pictured) attach seat frame to "dash" frame for easy disassembly/storage


Custom dead pedal for those speedway races

SUBARU can coozie cup holder (not pictured)

32" Panasonic Viera LCD TV

Xbox 360 Arcade and Forza Motorsport 4 (and sometimes Horizon)

Its surprisingly sturdy given my half assed engineering skills. I did measure twice before I cut thrice. I had a few errors during the build but it came together very well, given my lack of planning and proper tools.